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Thailand 22

Thailand 22
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Krabi - December 2002:

'TRANG - There is something oddly European about the wonderfully named Trang, with its wide roads and shallow undulations. Clean modern concrete structure cohabits with older but no less functional architecture, not too dissimilar from French football stadia design of the 1970’s (Strasbourg’s 'Stade de la Meinau' being a good example). Its role as a stop-off point means, like Chunphon or Surat Thani, the only farang are those in limb,o and consequently Trang possesses little in the way of entertainment. However there is a bar just up from the cinema run by a Belgium guy that would not be out of place in Hoxton if it were not for the many tiny ants that make their home in the bamboo furniture.
Krabi, the presumed destination of these purgatorial westerners, lies on the Mae Man Krabi {Krabi River} and to the north/east tree infested limestone rocks protrude awkwardly from the aquatically severed Ko Maew. Like sheered potassium permanganate their naked sides appear to be slowly succumbing to the inevitable tarnishing of oxidisation, as if a huge knife had been used to cut down into the formations to remove wedge shaped chunks of rock. The town is lively but not hectic, benefiting from a lack of any obvious centralisation, and the "Old West" bar is run by the coolest cowboy in town.'
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